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Originally Posted by Vinalssergio155 View Post
Very well done Alejandro, it looks very good. It's been a long time since I built two of these Spit for my twin nephews. They are very nice and nice to build. Of course I did not make any improvements or painting. I hope the end
Thanks, Sergio!
Mine are reinforced because I'm building them to last more than 30 years. The type VIIC I'm including in the pictures was made near 1985, and was build in balsa wood, paper, lead, clips, varnish and paint (and it floats!)

Anyway, the radiators are finished, the cockpit is placed and I'm in love with this model.

I was lucky and this pictures show the styling made in the wing, showing clearly that I don't use color effects to display the panels but real 3d surfaces.
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