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Hi Whulsey,

Looks great! Know what kind of work you're doing.

Wanted a garden myself, finally this year made a huge raised bed 12'x12' and covered it with a greenhouse. Whole dump truck 12-yds of topsoil needed screened and then filled the bed.

Fresh vege's was worth it.

Bought my home back in 2014, re-did the whole three bedrooms upstairs, carpet, paint, patching holes in the walls, re-plumbed the shower and sheetrock where the old moldy stuff was ripped out. New flooring in the kitchen, used real wood for baseboards and waistcoat in the kitchen after the wood flooring was laid down. Did everything myself. Cheap labor but well worth the savings.

Then what did I do? I rented the three bedrooms out and live in the basement...Pays the mortgage!

Plan was then to re-do the basement and make it really nice; that plan got changed real quick last year. Used the money I was saving along with a huge windfall from stock to buy an airplane. Now my credit cards are maxed out and any extra time goes for doing things to the airplane.

Congratulations on the home improvement project! Hope you enjoy your labors to the fullest once done!

Best regards,
Mike Bauer
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