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Rendition #6

Ok, tonight I re-worked the body.

Thinking about the comments, will check out a few of them this weekend.

I kind'a want the wings to be abstract but still, feel like feathers. Feathers are tight and lots of them. When painting or doing vinyl, probably will be easier to thin them out. Will take and re-draw them to see how much can be removed.

The body has had a complete re-do on this version. From beak to tail!

Once I'm happy with the body, on the real plane it will be lowered and then rolled underneath the planes belly: Reason why is that my plane has the wings on the bottom of the fuselage, not a mid wing or high wing, an eagle wings are "high" wings. They just don't mesh! So will lower the eagle graphic to at least a mid-wing eagle. The claws will be on the bottom of the fuselage, that is why I'm keeping them.

On the final shape once I build a 3d model, that is when I'll decide to keep of remove the claws and also the final size of the body.

This is a work in progress, willing to try changes, and the ideas have me wondering if this design is going to work if I increase the body more than it is. Will experiment more with the body this weekend as well.

Thank you all for the comments!

Try #6:

Using Model Design Skills For Airplane Paint Job-rv-eagle6.jpg

Constructive criticism of my builds & comments are welcome!
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