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Originally Posted by drg View Post
Thanks very much Joe! Your 1:700 ships are stunning, and the paper ship also; I doubt the Emden will pose many problems for you. If you can get the hull joints right, the rest should be straightforward. The instructions need careful study, and often you need to ignore part numbers and assemble using intuition, but thatís half the fun...I suppose!
Thanks for the tip there, Iíll keep and eye out for mis-numbering. Thankfully Iím very familiar with German cruiser designs having built a diorama of KŲnigsburg during the Battle of the Rufiji Delta. Iím glad you mentioned it though, Iíll make sure to remember I might be lead astray.

Iím glad you like the 1/700 ships. Thatís really where my passion is but I enjoy trying other mediums too. I love building ships from resin and scratch building as much as I can, to me itís far simpler than a plastic kit. I loathe plastic model kits anymore. Gaps, seams, errors! Resin, photo etch and scratch building not only make for a much more tidy build, but forces me to research each subject fully.

Card modeling, however, offers a lot of the same fiddly detailing and construction without having to paint everything in the end. I enjoy building more than painting, but a long time ago I decided that the paint on my ships had to be perfect, so I invested a great deal of time and money into learning to air brush well. Card models, at least to me, offer up a lot of the things I like, while removing some of the things I donít.

As for my SMS Emden, all I have finished so far is the base. Itís a beautiful piece of exotic Bacote wood with hand-rasped edges and finished in tung oil. I spent a good many hours on it, so I guess Iíve officially begun!

Again, thank you for this thread, I look forward to every post.
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