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papermate...thank you for your opinions.

I can't charge anything for the Koolwheelz models, because:

1. they've always been free and it would be unfair to start charging now.

2. the Koolwheelz models are mine...created for me
...but I gladly make available the artwork for your viewing pleasure and praise.
If you wish to build the models yourself, it is an added honour that I look forward to.

3. many of these designs involve copyrighted elements,
and I in no way wish to draw negative attention and incur the wrath of any copyright holder by charging for them.
(Its all in fun, I'd like to keep it as "fan-art" and nothing else)

This is one reason I have a Donation Button on my site.
But most people visit my site just to get the "free stuff"
and if given the opportunity to take a free item, will do so without paying.
I get that...I'm often the same way.
But every now and then, someone is happy enough with my offerings
and they throw me some coffee money or enough for bum wipes!
Thank you to those patrons.
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