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Originally Posted by blake7 View Post
I have been debating on doing this post, but I thought do it anyway it will help someone to post on UHU02's blog/website. First I have been using Chrome for several years to post on his blog/website. I live in West Virginia U.S.A. I posted yesterday on his blog/website and screen grabbed the process. The first 5 screen grabs are what you do to register your name/user name and e-mail. The 6th screen grab is the e-mail he sent me after he finished his Huey,Dewey,and Louie models, so if you are after those models include that in your comment. Maybe he will e-mail the links to you.
I followed your instructions step by step, using Chrome from Italy, and i received "Forbidden
You don't have permission to access /t/comments on this server."

Anyway Thanks
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