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My S&P Repaints

I've been trying my hand at recolouring for a little while now. a lot of my early attempts were duds, but like everything if you keep at it you improve as you go along. I know other repainters here favor Inkscape, but I found I had a lot of problems working with it. I already had Photoshop on my PC so that's what I've been using with mostly satisfactory results. Still very much an amateur at this, I'm no Brent, Cafe or Hawkman67 but I hope you like 'em anyway.

Bruno Vanhecke's S&P designs lend themselves nicely to repainting and Bruno himself is generous with giving permission for others to do just that. The trouble is as Bruno pointed out to me a few days ago, it's VERY addictive and I've had to discipline myself to balance it with actually building models.

I've done some versions of his DH Tiger Moth, Aichi D3A Val and (seeing as it's Ryan Season around here at the moment) this one. I ended up doing thirteen versions of the PT/ST series and it makes sense to start here with the very first ST: X-14223 which first took to the skies over Lindbergh Field in June 1934. After certification it became NC-14223 and it's that incarnation I've done here.

Bruno thinks my repainting efforts are pretty good and has suggested I submit them to Ecards for sale.
I hope you like this one (I'm pretty happy with it) and if reactions are positive, they'll be available in the not-too-distant future through Ecards.

Garry G.
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