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1:33 Hawker Hurricane Mk IID, Orlik

Time to start a new model. Actually one I already had on my building pile for a couple of years: Orlik's Hawker Hurricane Mk IID. This was not the famous Battle of Britain version but a Hurricane that was fitted as a tank buster with two large cannons underneath the wings. It saw service in northern Africa in 1942 and has desert camo.

The model consists of 3 A3 pages plus clear instruction drawings. The written instructions in Polish are not really required, although an English translation is available that can be downloaded from Orlik's website. The print looks attractive, with 3D effects and weathering. As far as I know, no laser cuts available but probably also not really required.

Altogether some 400 parts, which should allow a slow builder like me to finish the model in a reasonable time span.

Some of the structural parts need to be glued on 1mm thick cardboard according to the instructions. It' s my experience to use slightly thinner board instead, 0.8-0.9 mm would therefore do better.

Alright, the first parts have been glued on board and cut out. The instrument panel has a transparent part sandwiched in between as if it were glass and the magnetic compass is also in place. Easier to have these parts already fitted before assembling the cockpit structure.

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