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Originally Posted by PacificWind View Post
The one from "1941" movie, right? It was a K variant and unfortunately I haven't bought it... yet. I may consider doing this one because I really liked that movie but... you would have to test build it. I'm pretty tired with P-40s recently and now I need to build and recolor something different, some kind of Japanese aircraft. Nevertheless P-40 is one of my favorite and I'll definitely return to it with some new recolors.

I can use it as long as it suits the location where these planes were used.
Really like this method. Tricks from the cinematography of 1940s and 1950s are great!
I don't really think the minor diffs between any of the Warhawks would be all that objectionable. If you are turning into a "rivet counter" you may need to head on over the International Pizz and Moan Society...

Of course, thinking about this movie has already awakened some of the stranger places in my mind to the possibilities of a diorama depicting the famous scene with the actress on the periscope!!!

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