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Cockpit Chronicles

Dear Paper Modelers, first of all a Happy New Year to all of you!!

Thank you Michael, Yoav and asaf, welcome on board.

@Yoav: The Ju-88 project has been suspended - it's a complicated model and it simply took me too much time given the extremely busy and stressful year at work. To balance it off, I needed to work on less complicated models, otherwise I loose focus I'm afraid. It will continue one day.

@Michael: For me the Hurricane somehow also has appealed more than the Spitfire, as a boy I always used to draw Hurricanes in dog fights with Me109s .

Ok, the build continues with the cockpit. Part of the internal structure is shown, which alternatively can be built from small rods instead of the paper version. I used plastic rods for this purpose, thereby using the template provided in the kit. Then painted them with Tamiya cockpit green. A bit of trimming is required of the horizontal top bar at the cockpit rear baffle as it's a bit too long.

When constructing the cockpit I initially installed the baffle/former behind the cockpit seat but removed it later on in order to be able to have better access to install the cockpit details and for easier installation of the pilot's seat. So don't compile the entire cockpit frames and formers (which comprise part 1) at once.

In parallel to the Orlik kit I had bought the Kartonowa Kolekcja Hurricane, a Mk I. The kits look similar but do have differences in construction and for instance, in the level of cockpit detail. Here and there I'm using details of the KK version in the cockpit and also use internet pictures as reference, especially since I intend to have the cockpit door in open position.

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1:33 Hawker Hurricane Mk IID, Orlik-img_9290.jpg   1:33 Hawker Hurricane Mk IID, Orlik-img_9291.jpg   1:33 Hawker Hurricane Mk IID, Orlik-img_9292.jpg   1:33 Hawker Hurricane Mk IID, Orlik-img_9293.jpg   1:33 Hawker Hurricane Mk IID, Orlik-img_9294.jpg  

1:33 Hawker Hurricane Mk IID, Orlik-img_9289.jpg   1:33 Hawker Hurricane Mk IID, Orlik-img_9295.jpg   1:33 Hawker Hurricane Mk IID, Orlik-img_9296.jpg   1:33 Hawker Hurricane Mk IID, Orlik-img_9321.jpg   1:33 Hawker Hurricane Mk IID, Orlik-img_9340.jpg  

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