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Another nicely done Whirlwind, PK!

Originally Posted by MichaelS View Post
Interesting. I have never seen a winter camo on a Brit bird to the best of my knowledge.
Just like me. According to my knowledge the only countries that used winter camo in WWII on aircraft were Germany and Russia (maybe Finland and France too but I'm not sure).

Originally Posted by MichaelS View Post
Kacper thinks tubby things like TBF's & TBD's are pretty. Go figure!!
That was quite funny, Michael. You certainly know how to put a smile on someone's face.
I've never said TBFs are pretty. They're just important to me due their huge involvement in Pacific War. TBD Devastators are indeed beautiful planes and one of my favorites as well. But it's just a matter of taste.

Long Live 1/100!
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