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Originally Posted by Don Boose View Post
What great news that you are beginning another steam-and-steel era warship, Mike. I eagerly look forward to your building of this magnificent ship. If I understand you correctly, your are building Connecticut as it appeared when it was commissioned in 1906 and not with the cage masts as in the Image 7 drawing?

That first image is one of the most dramatic pictures of a Great White Fleet warship I have seen. According to the Wiki article, the photography boat was swamped by the bow wave shortly after the photo was taken.

Bon voyage!


Thank you Don, and so glad to have you aboard.

Yes, you are correct. I plan to build her as she was in 1906. The plans I have reflect the ship after the 1908 refit. So I will need to make some modifications to take her back to the original configuration. Regarding that photo: about the photographer being swamped by the bow wave. Yes, I read that story. Apparently the camera survived the wet adventure!
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