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hi ,
so during christmas vacation was some free time, so I finished his body and started with his legs which are almost done, please check latest photos

- body
Spiderman (PS4) by LED papercraft-img_20190103_202733.jpg Spiderman (PS4) by LED papercraft-img_20190103_202756.jpg

- legs WIP
Spiderman (PS4) by LED papercraft-img_20190104_192226.jpg Spiderman (PS4) by LED papercraft-img_20190104_192258.jpg Spiderman (PS4) by LED papercraft-img_20190104_192340.jpg Spiderman (PS4) by LED papercraft-img_20190104_192412.jpg Spiderman (PS4) by LED papercraft-img_20190104_192426.jpg
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