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Spray Contact Adhesive (solvent based glue) is better because:
1. the bond is stronger (if the you prepare everything properly)
2. no water content, means no wrinkles and waves
3. its easier to cut through when dry. (some PVA glues dry as hard as rock!)

Thats my opinion and choice for laminating large areas of card/paper of any thickness.

Use a brayer roller when laminating.
Follow the adhesive instructions to the letter (usually a light spray to both parts and let set up for a few minutes before contacting)
I do my best to line up one end of my sheets, and roll out to the opposite end.

Then (if you are concerned about warping) allow the sheets to dry under flat weight for at least 24 hours.
With most projects, the parts are small enough that the page warp doesn't show on in small areas.

...using a hand Iron?

It sure sounds interesting.
But I am not sure the melted film will bond well enough to the paper surface?

I just reread that thread about Necroscoping...
I totally forgot about memory of forum stuff is not great. lol I can't even remember my own posts!
But theres a lot of information there.
Did anyone get anywhere with the plastic film bonding?
is it something that anyone is using on a regular basis?
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