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Millennium Falcon Episode 5 version

Just started my first paper model build. My original plan was to build a model of the Hubble Space Telescope to slowly introduce myself to this but then saw plans for the Millennium Falcon which looked a little more exciting; no offence HST...

Mindful that I'm probably throwing myself in at the deep end but what's the worst that can happen...

Well I've only cut out my first two pieces and stuck them together and I've already started learning:
- not to use too much glue - the blue line on the image shows were the paper has wrinkled too much. This join won't show in the finished model so not too worried yet.
- make deeper scores for the bits I need to fold

I suppose you really learn by doing and if I make a complete hash of it I can always start again.

Going to use this thread to post updates as it progresses.
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