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A good glue stick is much better that spray adhesvive.

Originally Posted by Kevin WS View Post
Spray adhesive is the way to go.
I respectfully disagree.

Spray adhesive should be used only in a well-ventilated area -- preferably outdoors -- while you wear a good filter mask ($$) to prevent inhaling the stuff and latex gloves ($) to prevent contact with your skin. Reading the fine print on some spray adhesive cans will make your hair stand on end--even before you start spraying.

I once used a spray adhesive in the basement and the whole house smelled like glue for a day and half. (If glue-sniffing is your thing, you can ignore this post.) Add to that the waste through overspray and you have an expensive and toxic method.

I have had the best luck with AveryŽ permanent glue sticks. They are relatively cheap and non-toxic (unless you eat them). They dry clear. UHU also makes good glue sticks but I can't get them around here.

The back of the piece you want to glue down should be coated more or less evenly. Slap the two pieces together, tamp them down with a wallpaper seam roller (a couple of bucks from the hardware store), and clamp them with a couple of heavy books. I sometimes have to reseal corners or small bits with regular white glue (Aleene's Tacky Glue is my favorite.) but that's a minor issue.

I buy my glue sticks in packs of two or three -- enough to l cover a couple of square yards (or meters) of paper. And I can clean the glue off my fingers with soap and water. Spray adhesives may require stronger (and more toxic) brews to clean your hands.
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