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Spray Glue will not hurt brine is fain!

I spray 3M Super 77 almost every day in my basement. No lie.
Thats evidenced by the amount of printing I do, and the amount of test and re-test building I do! lol!
I use my spray glue for a wide range of art projects, as do thousands of other artists and studios (indoors).

My house does not smell of contact glue fumes are smelled upstairs!
I literally spray within 6 feet of my Furnace/Air Conditioner...Paint fumes do tend to get sucked in.
When I SprayClear a model sheet, you can smell it upstairs for a few minutes.

I also use a "spraybox" to contain the majority of overspray,
but I have learned to spray carefully and sparingly to avoid excessive overspray.
3M Spray 77 is expensive glue and so I don't waste it!

I've never worn gloves when using contact cement, but then I avoid painting it directly on my hands.
Illustration Artists have used contact cement for decades as masking material.
We use our bare fingers to remove it from the work with no ill effects.

I do agree, that a respirator, or good quality spray particulate mask is always a good idea, no matter what you are spraying.

Occasionally I grab a freshly glued sheet the wrong way, and get excess glue on my fingers
...which I clean easily with a small amount of Lighter Fluid on a rag.

The cautions on most products are serious stuff and shouldn't be taken lightly,
but lets face it, a lot of it is there to protect the manufacturer
in case some idiot decides to do something really stupid with the product!
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