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Originally Posted by Floogen View Post
Thanks! I checked out the link, but it's a bit hard to understand the auto translation ��
I agree. I am also not sure whether the template's author posted the video; at times, it seems like he is complaining about the fit of the pieces. But it is hard to understand whether he is saying "I should have made this better", or "he (the actual author) should have made this better", when all you get is "this doesn't fit!?!"

I basically went through the videos, taking screenshots whenever I saw a part being used whose purpose wasn't immediately clear from the template. That also organized the construction sequence in my head, keeping in mind that I am changing the build slightly.

I have already found a bunch of places where the model is inaccurate. I'm documenting these (and the fixes I can come up with) as I go. I'll put them in the thread fwiw.

Good luck!

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