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so model of Spiderman is finished. I hope you enjoyed my progress. New resized model is 42cm high, original was 60cm. For this moment I have not correct place on wall, so in soon time will be added next photos. I am happy that I finished model without folding lines for first time. How were the experiences? Assembly of this model was faster, model is stronger when I compare it with models with folding lines. But I need to say folding lines are very helpful in some areas. Will see in the future if I will continue with models with folding lines or no.
Please check final photos.

Spiderman (PS4) by LED papercraft-img_20190109_200714.jpg Spiderman (PS4) by LED papercraft-img_20190109_200736.jpg Spiderman (PS4) by LED papercraft-img_20190109_200747.jpg Spiderman (PS4) by LED papercraft-img_20190109_200812.jpg Spiderman (PS4) by LED papercraft-img_20190109_200849.jpg
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