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Hull trim

This is the first problem I've run into: the bulking on the hull sidewalls is off.

To illustrate, here is a frontal view of the model. So we are looking at the port side hull. The template specifies 4 layers on top of the basic box hull. These are marked on the plans as 1 thru 4. According to the plan, they should be 2mm thick each, except for the last layer which should be 1mm thick. (Keep in mind I use combinations of materials to form the thicknesses required, and still keep the template pattern visible for cutting purposes).

As you can see, the 4th layer has folds that need to fold down to meet the 1st layer, however the 2nd layer is in the way, so it is not a flush finish.

To remedy this, I had to cut the edge of layer #2 at an angle, this can be seen in the next photo (starboard side hull).

Now the hull can be glued together properly.

The same needs to be done for the bottom join of the 4th layer.
Note: there is a 5th layer (marked 5-1 and 5-2 on the template) which is more of a decorative rather than a structural layer. This looks like it won't cause problems yet.
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