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Port wing and ball turret

Took some first steps on the port wing and the port ball turret.

I made two half-balls to start with, one is made from index card, the other from index card glued to cereal box card. At first cut the index card version is definitely cleaner, but I'm going to stick with the thicker one, since I need it to be strong enough to carry the gunner, and it needs to be swivel mounted so the guns can move.

Next I worked on the port wing. I'm sandwiching three pieces of chipboard together. The middle layer is there to provide space for the wing spars / stirring sticks, plus it provides a chance to add some extra detail to the wing structure.

And here is the current mockup of the aircraft. Almost nothing is glued together: the cockpit and canopy are two (actually three) pieces, the top surface of the main hull is two pieces (soon to be three), and the engine is only loosely attached to the wing. This helps me check the layout before comitting.

The wing fits nicely onto the spars, so I am considering keeping it that way so that I can easily detach the wings in case I want to transport the model.

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