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Caproni Stipa - Orlik - 1:33

Hello aviation friends,

My next project is already in preparation, it's back in the air

With the experimental airplane Caproni Stipa from the 1930s this will probably be a strange bird.

There are 400 cleanly printed parts on six A4 sheets.
With six pages image building instructions, the Polish building description should be superfluous.

Nevertheless, I think that this plane will be a real challenge for me.

Because of the many thin frames, I ordered the frame set from Slawomir.

Please keep your fingers crossed that this adventure will find a reasonably good ending.

Here is a video that is very amusing
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Caproni Stipa - Orlik - 1:33-dscf0013.jpg   Caproni Stipa - Orlik - 1:33-dscf0014.jpg   Caproni Stipa - Orlik - 1:33-dscf0015.jpg   Caproni Stipa - Orlik - 1:33-dscf0016.jpg   Caproni Stipa - Orlik - 1:33-dscf0017.jpg  

Caproni Stipa - Orlik - 1:33-dscf0018.jpg   Caproni Stipa - Orlik - 1:33-dscf0019.jpg  
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