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Originally Posted by CMDRTED View Post
if you can get hold of an old Watson kit there are a few similar 1/350 or so scale ships that you can use for ideas
What is this Watson? I tried to look for it yesterday but didn't find anything.

Originally Posted by dto View Post
Good choice on the post 1944 refit appearance -- building the cut down cage mainmast that existed from 1942 to 1944 would have been tedious. She was damaged twice in 1944 after the refit, so pay attention to any additional changes performed when she was in repairs. For instance, the AA battery was modernized in November of that year, though in your chosen scale that might not be so apparent. Good luck!
I'll have to carefully examine pictures from 1944. That's probably the best thing I can do to notice all differences.

Anyway, here's the first obvious step - blueprints/drawings.
It was pretty easy to find them. I've printed 3 copies. 2 identical(black&white) and 1 with more visible details. Both versions should be useful.

I scaled them to 1/1000. That's the definitve scale of the model. Real ship was 190m long so in 1/1000 it has 19cm.
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