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what if....AKIRA 1/700 -ekranoplan carrier

sometimes I made random building model, found on digital artist forum a scifi concept of japanese carrier fusion with ekranoplan, credit to peter 6409.since I don't have any printer, I did scracthbuilding used various type of paper, finish with water base paint and spray can.Here's some finish work, you can find the work in progress phase here


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what if....AKIRA 1/700 -ekranoplan carrier-dsc_1269.jpg   what if....AKIRA 1/700 -ekranoplan carrier-dsc_1267.jpg   what if....AKIRA 1/700 -ekranoplan carrier-dsc_1264.jpg   what if....AKIRA 1/700 -ekranoplan carrier-dsc_1258.jpg   what if....AKIRA 1/700 -ekranoplan carrier-dsc_1257.jpg  

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