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Star Wars X-Wing (imcold)

When I first saw Star Wars in 1978 (it took a year to arrive in Austria back then) as a 10year old boy, I was amazed and utterly impressed. Spaceships and laser swords ... things I have never seen before in this believable quality on the silver screen.

For me the true heroes of the movie were the space ships. The Millennium Falcon, X-Wing and Tie Fighter had such distinct and unique looks (and sounds!) that I instantly wanted to have these for my own to play. But back then the merchandise madness didn't exists. No Star Wars toys in the store for endless years.

The first ever paper model I designed on my own was a X-Wing. It was small and made out of orange cardboard paper I got from my mother. It had some office print all over it but I didn't care. When I was done I was so proud. It was very simple but to hold my own X-Wing was pure pleasure.

Sadly the dog ate it over night! Since then I haven't tried a X-Wing again. Talk about trauma

Then in the last years I have discovered the famous imcold X-Wing here. I have been toying with this model for quite a while now. It looks challenging to build but the final pics I have seen from others are so gorgeous that I wanted to try it one day.

And now the day has arrived. I have decided to give it a go! Wish me luck!! May the force be strong with this one!!!

After going over the model pages and instructions I started with the internal structure. I mounted all the parts according to the instructions on 0,5mm and 1mm paper accordingly.

These are the core parts ...

... and these will be the bow "nose".

This is the core cage I built from various angles. I started to write the parts numbers onto the backsides so I wouldn't get confused once I cut them out.

Gluing on edge (without tabs) was a first for me for such thing paper but it worked out well. I also "glue welded" between the surfaces where I could for reinforcement.

So far, so good. To be continued ...

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