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Before I continue with the main hull I wanted to first finish the tip of the nose.

Here are the parts.

Looks like I need to do a lot of edge glueing again. I started with one side.

Once the first edge glue is dry I glue "weld" from the inside just to make sure it will hold.

After I completed both sides, it will be ready to be closed shut. That is something I don't like as I cannot manipulate for a good fit, but the interior shaper should be helping with that.

I decided to glue the shaper in like this on one side.

The final result is good enough for me :-)

I am just wondering if it would have been better to leave the end sides open and only glue them shut after the top and bottom half have been glued together. Maybe it would leave better control while closing the halves? In any case, I am happy that this shape worked out without major problems.

To be continued ...

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