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Although this has been around for some years,
it is always nice to see this work again and again.
You never get tired of watching.
So thanks for this recent new snippet

By his own rough estimates,

Originally Posted by manilaplane View Post
... this model probably will end up having a good 30,000 pieces of paper.

Actually, Luca is a member of this forum,
though he's not logged in since 2014. Hello!

I recall someone at another forum was pressing him hard
to release the plans of his project for free to the public.
When he didn't, he got a lot of flak there.
I wonder if that was the reason of him never returning to any forum,
or if it was just life and work getting in the way.

Luca did, however, shared part of the plans of the landing gear
with someone at the German forum, who enlarged it to 1:33:

He has shared some videos of details in his Youtube channel.
It's worth to watch them too.
Rubén Andrés Martínez A.

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