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I really like my Silhouette Cameo. I bought a PixScan mat with it, which you can put your already printed images in and use it for registration and cutting. I also sprung the $40 for the "designer edition" of their software. I do quite a bit with inkscape and with the upgrade you can import from svg and gain access to layers.

I made a pen holder from a used blade cartridge wich works quite nicely with a stylus for scoring lines.
Semantics aside, you can actually plot filled shapes with markers. I think that may even be a really neat look to experiment with, kind of a water color marker fill over permanent marker lines. Contrary to a previous post, vector fills are actually fairly common and easy to achieve. Not to mention different dot patterns and cross hatching for shading. Google KM laser plug in for Inkscape. That has some nice crosshatch fills.
Oh well, that's my experience with it.
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