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Originally Posted by Mike1158 View Post
Agreed, they seem to think that it is in their remit to meddle with everything. New laws in the UK are set to enter into the statute books in 2022. ALL new cars will be required to have fitted and enabled, speed limiters so it is impossible to be even one mile per hour over the local speed limit. I expect cars that are not so fitted will be unable to use motorways (Freeways etc) and folk like myself will be forced to use local roads only. Good luck if you cannot afford to buy the newest cars then. Problem lies in the health of the automotive industry, or those employed in it when those jobs dry up. After all, why buy a 60,000 car when you can be just as fast in a 6,000 car? Sorry, rant mode off.
That's not entirely accurate. The technology will be mandatory in the EU and whether Britain eventually leaves or not it has said it will also adopt it (seeing as we will be buying the same cars manufacturers will be unlikely to remove it when bolting the wheel on the other side). The speed devices will be essentially the same technology to what is already fitted as cruise/speed limiter on cars for the last ten years or so, just with a directory of local speed limits as satnavs have (also pretty standard these days). They will sound an audible warning if the limit is exceeded and then gradually bring the car down, but can be overridden by a hard press on the throttle, in situations where accelerating would avoid a collision. There is no plan to ban older cars from using any roads (motorways and limited access highways are statistically the safest anyway!) any more than when seatbelts, airbags, catalytic converters or ABS became compulsory in new cars. The only concern is that the data on the limit in force should be 100% accurate - my satnav sometimes gets it wrong and flashes overspeed in a 40 when there is a parallel side road 30 close by. There will of course be howls of protest from all the Jeremy Clarksons but anything that prevents drivers from acting selfishly and recklessly is to be encouraged. (although I have managed to break the speed limit on a loaded touring bike - 10mph on a driveway!)

NB: Not sure what this really has to do with the thread might have brought up the proposals to block online p**n which can only be accessed by buying a permit - I despise the industry but it's pretty sinister.
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