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yes please...I'm hoping for a photo that I can use on the cover.
Please take a look at my other covers and judge the aircraft angles.
Maybe take it outside...daylight makes for nice photos...?
I'll need a couple of photos for the store listing too.

My offer stands, but I was hoping you might want to try another Texan or Harvard kit that I don't already have photos of.
I think there are still quite a few that I need photos for.

(Then there are the Texan Air Racers! many of those I have never seen built.)

But... I don't have pics of P51B Margie Maru either.
So I don't mind giving you that one!
However, I warn you, Margie Maru is one of my original Marek redesigns.
It will not build as easily as this Texan kit.
Its a different style of design, and isn't perfect (but then, what kit is?...don't answer that.).
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