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Very much appreciate all the kind comments on my post, thanks to you all.

Thanks, Draco, for your comments and link; the balance question I simply don't understand. The one book I have on the Brabazon by Graham Simons refers to mass balances when all that can be seen are fairings over what appear to be large levers/cranks and on the wings the fairings disappeared at some point, leaving the levers exposed with some sort of quadrant supports visible, so these must have been essential to the aircraft's operation throughout; later on, the tailplane fairings and levers also disappeared.

Reference is made in the same book to doubt over balance/unbalance versus hydraulic controls; all very confusing but I've shown what appears in the majority of photos of the plane.

A superb answer to the what proved in time to have been the wrong specification is the epitaph that best describes the Brabazon I think.

Still don't know where to put the model now it's done and this I must absolutely do as the next subject to tackled is a 1/50 scale HP80 Victor, a distinctly more successful machine but equally large at this scale!

Best wishes to all

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