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The following model point one of the main problem of paper models that is the treatment of glazed parts.
On this model, as almost always, they are represented in blue so not transparent.
Let's try to fix it.
I just tested the following method on the Elytroplan available here:

Sheet 1 with the structural parts is printed on self-adhesive paper. This paper is glued, non-sticky face (and therefore with glue) on the reinforcing board. The future location of the side windows is cut.
The structure is then assembled as intended but upside down (sticker outward) and whith removing the parts that obstruct the volume of the cabin. This one is then painted and arranged (instrumentboard, seat, etc ...).
A template is made to cut a thin transparent plastic in one piece.
The sticker protection is then removed from the sidewalls of the model.
We stick the transparent piece on one side and then folded on the other which forms the windshield.
Last step, we glue the pieces of clothing (they also printed on sticker paper) after having cleared the side windows with a new cutter.
Difficult to explain but easy enough to do at least for this model.

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