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Originally Posted by Gerry1966 View Post
I was very pleased with free IJN Akitsu Maru paper model. It fits to my WW2 collection, so I've rescaled it to 1/400 scale, corrected the colors for a more faithful shade, added details, but .... problem is with aircrafts. Both types, ie Kokusai Ki-76 and Kayaba Ka-1 have only a flat hull, which I do not like. Can anyone advise me what to do with it? In this scale, it can be a very simple model, but at least with basic shapes ...

Hi Gerry, I have already converted the Ki 76 to 3D and working on doing the same to the Ka 1. I can send you a copy if you wish. I am also working on the Akitsumaru, changing stuff and adding details. Will post a thread when I have finished the extra parts.
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