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Finally glad to say I've finished my Millennium Falcon build. It has taken me just over 5 months on and (mostly) off. I've really enjoyed my time building it and I would recommend building this model to any beginner. It is challenging but if you take your time and re-do any bits you mess up (like I've had to do) then you'll do fine BUT more importantly you'll learn so much.

I'm definitely going to do more models and certainly more Star Wars stuff but for now I'm going to have a go at a scratch build Ford Cortina mkII 4 door (OO gauge) hopefully very close to what my Granddad used to drive (only his was much bigger). I might fall flat on my face with that but I'm going to give it a try.

I've attached some pics of the finished version of the MF.
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Millennium Falcon Episode 5 version-20190613_074405.jpg   Millennium Falcon Episode 5 version-20190617_210505.jpg   Millennium Falcon Episode 5 version-20190618_165051.jpg   Millennium Falcon Episode 5 version-20190618_165116.jpg   Millennium Falcon Episode 5 version-20190618_165134.jpg  

Millennium Falcon Episode 5 version-20190618_165148.jpg  
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