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Millennium Falcon, Studio Scale, High Detail.

I can no longer resist the urge to start something I've wanted to do from as far back as I can remember becoming interested in this wonderful hobby of ours.

I'll be alternating between this and my other not-so-small project, but for now, this one has taken over as my main priority.

I'll be building a replica of the studio filming prop used in The Empire Strikes Back. There have been many slightly different versions of this ship used for filming the various movies in the two later trilogy's, this build will be focusing on the 1:43 (80cm) model. This is the same prop the DeAgostini model was based on. Here's a couple of pics of the DeAgostini model:

Millennium Falcon, Studio Scale, High Detail.-dsc00548.jpgMillennium Falcon, Studio Scale, High Detail.-dsc00549.jpg

I was recently inspired by a build I saw on Zealot, which was also featured on many popular websites across the globe, built by Bernard Szukiel, almost entirely out of paper, he built it from scratch and it took him 4 years... here is his model:

Millennium Falcon, Studio Scale, High Detail.-1.jpg

The above picture is currently my desktop wallpaper on my computer, which has played a big part in pushing me into starting this build.

Recently, right here on our forum, Svendo has built the SF Papercraft Falcon, which is how I found out it had been updated to a larger size with even more detail than the original. Seeing this build completed was what pushed me over the edge. I've been procrastinating a bit with the 42 wheels on my M1000 trailer but feeling the urge to build something.

I will be using the updated (2017) version of Shunichi Makino's model, which can be found at his SF Papercraft Gallery website as a base for this build. It's an excellent model with fantastic textures and details, perfect for an upscaled and added detail build like this.

I have started by Building this model "out of the box". This was to give me an idea how it goes together, and will help me plan how I'm going to build it at the larger size and incorporate extra details and added elements. Here is my "quick and dirty" build:

Millennium Falcon, Studio Scale, High Detail.-img20190625205728.jpgMillennium Falcon, Studio Scale, High Detail.-img20190625205741.jpgMillennium Falcon, Studio Scale, High Detail.-img20190625205815.jpgMillennium Falcon, Studio Scale, High Detail.-img20190625205838.jpg

Next up, after calculating the scale adjustments needed to convert this model to a larger size, I'm off to a print shop to have it printed out in multiple copies, prior to lamination etc.

Before I go too far with the build, I need to plan out the electronic side of things. I plan to add a full cockpit, gun bays, landing gear and boarding ramp, I also intend to have it fully lit using LEDs and fiber optics. Once completed, I will be giving it the full painting and weathering treatment.

I plan to add every panel, greeble, pipe, tube and detail that can be found drawn on the Makino model, in 3D, in paper where possible. I'll be adding landing gear, with the possibility of eventually displaying it in a hangar diorama alongside an x-wing or two, but it's way too soon to be thinking along those lines.

So, first up, I'm off to the print shop in 2 days, meanwhile, I've ordered some lighting parts and fiber optics. I've never lit a model before, I'm looking forward to the challenge.
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