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You're welcome Michael.

John, tin foil was one method I've considered also, I've just returned from the print shop, they sell a silver coated cardstock I've used before, that's another option, especially for inside the engine bay if I light it.

As for the model holding it's own weight, the model itself has a fairly rigid center structure made up of a disc with internal box formers. I may even use something stronger than cardstock for the bottom layer of this and the landing legs will be attached to this.

While we're on that subject, the original filming model used in Star Wars (Ep IV) had 3 landing legs. When they built the full size set for Empire Strikes Back, they had to add extra legs to support the full weight of the set, the rear legs also gained an extra pair of "feet". That gives me 7 legs to spread the weight between and it's definitely going to be heavy.

So... Speaking of print shop, and heavy... I just had the parts sheets printed at 1:43 (I hope it's 1:43 anyway... the girl who did the printing for me was a bit vague but seemed to understand what I wanted). I knew A3 was going to be too small but she had trouble making it fit on A2 for some reason so we settled for printing the pdf at 218% on A1, The size they use for architectural plans.

I knew this think was going to be big, but wow... this thing is going to be BIG!

Here's a couple of shots with the A4 version of the model, the second shot shows both versions of the same parts sheet.

Millennium Falcon, Studio Scale, High Detail.-img20190629143930.jpgMillennium Falcon, Studio Scale, High Detail.-img20190629144137.jpg

So now I have a far bit of planning and laminating to do, to decide just how to build the internal structure while leaving it open for the wiring and lighting etc.
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