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Beta builders for new WACo EQC-6

I finally have the first draft of the WACo EQC-6 derived from the DGA MH-1521 Broussard. I'm now inviting test builders to PM me their email addresses so I can send the alpha model, hopefully there's at least 1 volunteer.

I foresee fit problems between the new windscreen, fuselage and cowl, then the upper and lower wings with the associated struts. I'm sure adjustments are needed, so I've used my experience with Tim Crowe's Reliant test build to preempt early design mistakes.

Again this is going to be a very rare and unusual subject, a 1930s Philippine EQC-6 flown by PATCO in silver with red trim. I found 2 monochrome photos of the actual NPC-1 (NP-1 in photo) so my only guesswork was the trim color. Additional recolors are in the pipeline, same as the Reliant.

The model is 1:72 and is designed with the absolute minimum deviation from the base DGA Xmas Broussard fuselage, so if you built that you should be able to handle this. Previous experience is key here as there are no instructions.

PM me your email address so I can send the PDF file. What I'd really like feedback on is how the new windscreen fits and how the fuselage graphics align, but any comments on parts and construction will be useful. This is intended to be a free model for our Downloads section, but I'd like it polished before general release.
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