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Glad to see others are just as excited about this as I am, I've enjoyed all my previous builds but this one has been in the back of my mind for so long it feels really good to be finally starting it, especially seeing how large it's going to be, allowing for some serious detailing.

As for displaying the finished model, again I'll be borrowing ideas I've seen others do on the DeAgostini model. There's actually a wall mount option that uses a swivel wall mount designed for small TVs and computer monitors, not sure I want to go down that path. Another idea I've seen done a lot both with the DeAgostini model and the Ultimate Collector Series Lego version, is to display it in a glass case coffee table. I really like this idea.

Millennium Falcon, Studio Scale, High Detail.-12207.jpgMillennium Falcon, Studio Scale, High Detail.-y1ieoqd010gf.jpg

The Death Star hangar bay idea has been used a lot. Considering this is the Empire Strikes Back Falcon, I'm thinking I might like to put it in something like the Hoth Rebel base, alongside an X-Wing or two.

Another idea I'm considering borrowing from a build I've seen is to display it on a mirror base, with some ground support equipment, like a fueling station, plugged into the falcon, with the battery pack/power supply for the lighting hidden inside the fuel pump. I like this idea a lot because it will make it easier to change batteries, not to mention keep a potential heat source out of the model if I end up going with AC power.

I'm currently gluing the pieces together that make up the internal structure, prior to laminating. I'll show some pics of that later, I'm also tempted to include some pics of the look on my partner's face when she saw the size of the thing I'm about to start building on her kitchen table.
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