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Exclamation Fuselage center section

The main center section is a very long skinny cylinder. There is also a section long part that is a shallow conical/cylinder aft of this section, but that's later.

First, lets build the internal long frame.
Tsybin NM-1 MaksArt model in 1/33 scale-img_9794.jpg

here is the skin
Tsybin NM-1 MaksArt model in 1/33 scale-img_9795.jpgTsybin NM-1 MaksArt model in 1/33 scale-img_9796.jpg

Notice to the designer"
The axial seam for this kit is on the bottom of which half will be visible. Why not put the seam on top where it will be covered up by the top fairing that extends from the cockpit to the tail? This way, it is a cleaner design.

Next is the rounding of this long tubular section

Dilemma is how to glue such a long tube to itself and have a clean seam.

My solution:
lightly glue the axial glue tab to a long wood dowel

Here is my dowel which I purchased while living in Tokyo Japan ( the equivalent price of approx $10USD at the time).
Tsybin NM-1 MaksArt model in 1/33 scale-img_9798.jpg

edge is glued
Tsybin NM-1 MaksArt model in 1/33 scale-img_9799.jpg

now it is easy to roll the part and glue a nice long seam.
Tsybin NM-1 MaksArt model in 1/33 scale-img_9800.jpg

Once connected, quickly remove ( un glue ) from the dowel ( I needed a thin flat stick to help the removal from the dowel.

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