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I've just cut out the laminated bottom piece of the internal structure. I laminated the printed section to some 1000gsm agency board, it's about 2mm thick and very dense. The internal structure in the kit has a top and bottom piece and some boxes arranged in a star, I'll be replacing the boxes with ribs, with holes in them for the wiring and fibre optic to run through, I'll also try to enclose the LEDs that feed the fibre optic in this section to help eliminate any light bleed, although I'll have to wait and see if temperature is going to be an issue, in which case I'll look at adding some kind of ventilation, maybe even utilising the six vents on the back of the ship.

Just one pic for now of the bottom section. The original model is my scale cube for now, that's about 37cm (15 inches) and that's an A2 cutting mat underneath.

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