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Exclamation Center fuselage section-aft

The second half of the center fuselage is the rear shallow angle long cone. It is assembled the same as the previous cylinder
Tsybin NM-1 MaksArt model in 1/33 scale-img_9806.jpg
Tsybin NM-1 MaksArt model in 1/33 scale-img_9807.jpg

Note to the designer:
The rendering of the rivets do not match on the bottom even though the part is glued correctly. This has happened before on the forward fuselage parts.

Tsybin NM-1 MaksArt model in 1/33 scale-img_9809.jpgTsybin NM-1 MaksArt model in 1/33 scale-img_9810.jpg

Next step is to assemble this section to the forward cylindrical center section
Tsybin NM-1 MaksArt model in 1/33 scale-img_9811.jpg

I don't think the small glue tabs are strong enough for such a long model. It will be re enforced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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