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M4A4 Sherman VC Firefly, Halinski 1:25

Hello everyone
This is my first build thread on this forum, so please welcome.
As a matter of fact, i was in doubt about posting here this build, because there is already going amazing one from David aka romanmodels, and he is doing a great job in assembling this beast.
Actually, i used his thread as a reference, so thank you David
But my friends from paper modeling convinced me to post my own one, because every build process of same model by different modeler is unique and gives another perspective. I agree with that, so here we go.
Ah, and sorry for my english. Not my native tongue

I have several years in my bag for paper modeling (maybe later i'll upload my completed models into gallery), so there was a journey to this model,
and i feel that now it is a pinnacle of my “construction career”.

American tank M4A4 Sherman VC Firefly
Anyone who wants to read about the tank is invited to click here.

The model from the house of Halinski and those who are familiar with this company know that in planning their models are most detailed and accurate ones.
In my personal opinion and by viewing other assemblies, this particular one is very accurate and very complex in its design.
IMHO, this is the most difficult model in armored vehicles, which has been released so far, with 10,000+ parts and excellent design:
everything is calculated according to the exact scale, even the thickness of armor and turrets.
Planning at an exceptional level, with great attention to those who will assemble, and it can be seen in every component ... you will see it yourself later.

The book is 1 cm thick and contains about 60 pages B4
Of course, everything is detailed on the scale of 1:25, including the engine compartment and the engine, the insides of the hull and the tower, the tracks and the rest.
Again, in my opinion, this model includes several models inside - the engine is a separate model and a work of art, a turret with all the complexity of building curved surfaces,
the body itself with all the details, suspension system (working !!!) and, of course, the tracks consisting of individual links.

In next picture, I collected most of the tools and materials with which I will work.
Of course, will be added cardboard of different thickness.
As for the sizes: due to the complexity of the design and the maintenance of the original ratio of sizes, it is not enough to use only two types of cardboard 0.5 and one millimeter.
Thickness of cardboard that required is 0.2, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.7 mm.
The same with the wire for all sorts of add-ons. Therefore, in this model, I decided to try a new method and accumulated a lot of solder wire of different diameters.
I hope that it will be easier to work with this wire due to the flexibility, even with large diameters, and ease of painting.

... I am already deep into building process, so there will be a burst of posts until current status and then I'll try to post frequently as i build each component.
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