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And the process of assembling tracks began. Since the number is enormous, the best way to work here as Mr. Ford has bequeathed

The first step is the link shoe. Already here you can see the developer’s concern for the modeller. Instead of giving one full detail for gluing,
frame was developed, and then you glue the casing on it. This is more work, but also more durable.
Do not forget that the entire tank will stand on these tracks.

I looked at my colleague's assembly process in the german forum and also added extra reinforcement in the middle of a rigid structure to be sure that it would not bend under the pressure of the roller.
Sticking one side, second side, reinforcement and closing the top. Repeat 199 times

Then I proceed to the casing of the shoe. After bending all skins, I glued it to the frame. Repeat 199 times

At the end, I glued the sides and inserted the connecting roads. Repeat 199 times
The shoes are ready!

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