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So, I continued with another part of the link, and these are feathers (teeth), or, to be exact, 400 feathers
A small confession - I did enough to connect two track together. If i need more - i will assemble on the go.

Each feather consists of 7 parts, and here I also used the method of Mr. Ford.
I used the prepared device for it.

First are the hinges

I have not yet connected the links to tracks and I will do it at the moment when I have to put them on.
Thus I will definitely know how many tracks I need to connect. Also, parts take up less space and are more convenient for storage.

hen I started assembling the feather on the device.
It fixes the part, and also gives the correct angle and base for gluing the sidewalls and hinges.

Here's a little gif of build process.
Repeat 310+ times

Feathers ready

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