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Thank you Vinalssergio155
Yes, it is a lot and you must be strong and very patient. But good music and a bottle of beer help a lot

Finally, I got to build something that is not repeated a few hundred times :-D and this is the lower hull

I was so glad and carried away that I built everything in one breath, and completely forgot to take pictures.
So there are only final photos of the hull assembly.
As I expected, design is accurate, and if you also be careful in cutting, assembling and gluing, everything fits perfectly.
Basically this is a sandwich of several skins and a power frame
Even though this is only a part of the hull, everything is firm and steady.

In the back was an interesting moment. Since the inner and outer walls were rounded in a different radius,
the sandwich had to be assembled in a certain order, aligned along the opening of the engine compartment.
But the drawings were clear and everything was easy.

The walls of the rear openings of the engine room are thick, so there is also a colored strip glued to cover the edges.
By the way, all the dirt you see is the original design and print. The model is printed with wear and dirt and it embellishes it even more!

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