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Here's the promised WIP update.
Fuselage is done. Quite difficult in such a small scale but absolutely doable; just requires some patience.
I'm also really satisfied with that French green color in the camouflage. I could leave it in original American olive drab but I think the green of Free French Air Force, which is slightly different, looks way better on this aircraft. And what's more, it's probably even more accurate considering historical correctness.

Some of you may also wonder why this B-17 has Crosses of Lorraine. This can be especially strange if we know the fact that this plane was given to French Air Force, to Gen. Koenig in December 17th 1945, so few months after the end of WWII. But I think we can explain the presence of crosses quite easily. In this case they were a symbol of general's service in Free French Forces during the war and his achievements(especially in the Battle of Bir Hakeim where his soldiers heroically defended the fortress against Afrika Korps under Rommel's command).

Now when, I have written all those words above I see something interesting. Koenig defended the Bir Hakeim fortress and then he got a Flying Fortress.

I'm not sure if it's true but I've read this plane was a gift from Ike.
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