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Originally Posted by Tim Crowe View Post
This model will be made available after this build

As mentioned earlier, that would be me. Tim has kept me in the loop all throughout the test build, but I am as excited as the rest of you about this build thread and appreciate the interest.

Just a bit of historical context - at the end of the Spanish-American War the Philippines was one of the territories ceded by Spain to the US, and remained part of the latter until independence in 1946. During the golden age of aviation Philippine aircraft were registered as NPC-xxxx at the time US mainland aircraft used N-xxxx or NC-xxxx.

The Iloilo-Negros Aerial Express Company (INAEC) was the second airline after PATCO operating regular flights, and their fleet also included 2 Stinson model U trimotors and a Sikorsky S-43.

This model represents the sole Stinson SR-3 Reliant NPC-4 (mistakenly identified as a Stinson Junior in vintage flight schedules) used by INAEC for short flights between Iloilo City and Bacolod City. While this was my intention, modifications made during the test build changed the proportions of the model, so this kitbash is a closer match to the SR-5 version with a fuselage 0.5ft longer and a wingspan 2.25ft shorter.

While this won't pass muster with rivet counters I'm calling this an SR-5, which luckily is the correct variant for recolors already in the pipeline.
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