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The wheels

Thank you Sergio, Ab, Rich, David, Ricardo, Marco and Owen! Just a bit of progress to share with you. You probably would be surprised Owen (Tramfan) to hear that I only have a very modest collection of models despite the fact I'm paper modeling already since quite some years. There was a time I started models and hardly ever finished them. In fact only after becoming a member of this forum in 2012 and writing building reports I found the patience and perseverance to finish models ever since 2013.... Perhaps because I have little time to spare for modeling it's hard to keep the momentum going and being active on the forum just provides me the motivation required to pass the inevitable dead end during almost any build.

Well, so far for psychology but that toughest moment of the build has arrived. Tough in the sense of time consuming and repeating building steps: Wheels and trucks.

The wheels are finished now and were easy to assemble. Just a slight correction required to the length of the treads, to be shortened by approximately 0.5mm to fit the flange covers at the tapered end.

The axles are made from the parts provided with the kit although alternatively they can be made from a wooden stick. To reinforce them I placed pieces of tightly rolled up paper inside.

The wheels can still be slid freely over the axles, I only intend to glue them into position once the rails are finished and the spacing between the wheels properly determined.

Next will be the trucks....

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