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I just sent the files for the Memphis Belle kit to Ecardmodels today. I imagine it should be available in the next few days. Below is a photo of what comes with the kit. The cut-out figures from left to right are: Major William Wyler, director of the 1943 Memphis Belle film as well as other legendary Hollywood films like “The Best Years of Our Lives” and “Ben Hur”. Captain Robert Morgan, pilot of the Memphis Belle. Margaret Polk, Capt. Morgan’s girl friend at the time and who the B-17 was named after. Joe Giambrone, ground crew chief for the Memphis Belle. Stuka, the Memphis Belle’s Scottish Terrier mascot. And Corporal Tony Starcer makes another appearance in one of my kits. He was the very prolific artist who painted most of the nose art in the 91st Bomb Group. Of the handful of surviving combat veteran B-17s, two are from the 91st Bomb Group and both have Tony Starcer artwork.

I am also making progress on the VB-17G. Between that ash tray and the photos of the VB-17G I have, I think I got a pretty good approximation of the tail insignia.
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