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Encounter at the edge of Antarctica

After the overwhelming response of the encounter at the North Pole, I was encouraged to do an encounter at the edge of Antarctica.
So I added penguins and snow cats (very little info on them) and the Shirase in the background. The Japanese are in their 60th Antarctic expedition. Lorenzo de la Fuente mentioned elsewhere that the Shirase is portrayed in an anime series:
"The Japanese will make anime of anything. the Shirase figures prominently in 'A Place Further than the Universe'. The heroine loses her photographer mom in an Antarctic winter storm, and in high school raises enough money to join a privately funded expedition on the Shirase. On the way she makes friends who join her on the Antarctic expedition."

The James Clark Ross supports the British Antarctic Survey, and Tony did a very nice recolor of Bruno's Dash 7 in red and black. The yellow helicopter is an EC175 currently known as the Airbus H175, used to service North Sea oil rigs.

I hope you like it

ps: Not exactly a diorama but parts to make it.
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